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Cloud Computing Growing in Popularity Among Executives, By Steve Kedzior

By any measure, cloud computing has moved with extraordinary rapidity from a concept to real-world practice. New companies continue to discover the immense benefits of cloud computing, and it seems they like what they see.

In a survey just released by Navint Partners, chief information officers and other executives from companies exceeding 5,000 employees were by and large satisfied with their organizations’ transitions to cloud computing. A large majority said that they had achieved savings, increased efficiency, and gained a new competitive advantage.

Although it will take a number of years before the full power of cloud computing is unleashed for public and private use, the survey’s respondents predict rapid future growth. This finding corroborates other reports which suggest that at least three more years will be needed for full development. Two major areas that require further development, as reported in the survey, are privacy and data security. But as these issues are tackled, even further growth in the technology is expected.

About the Author:

Steve Kedzior is Senior Vice President of Paradigm Technology, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Kedzior has worked in the information technology sector for more than 25 years.

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Successful IT Sourcing By Steve Kedzior

Paradigm Technology strives to provide services that are appropriate to a client’s needs and scale. The company’s recruiting staff has, on average, a decade of experience in the industry. Based on particular considerations and needs, a solution is crafted with long-term success rate in mind. Consultants’ areas of specialization include certified project management, database administration, packaged applications, business analysis, network engineering, and more. The company offers programs in technical education, oversight of outsourced work, and solutions for client workforce management. Paradigm’s consulting services are available nationwide, on both full-time and per-project bases.

Paradigm treats its consultants as a valued resource, providing benefits and paid holidays as well as training to improve performance. These practices are unusual in the IT consulting industry. The company’s commitment to clients and employees is intended to foster enduring positive bonds.

Senior Vice President Steve Kedzior heads the Systems Integration Division of Paradigm Technology.

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