A Brief Introduction to the Goodwill of Central Arizona By Steve Kedzior

As one of Arizona’s largest non-profit organizations, the Goodwill of Central Arizona began serving those in need in 1947. The Goodwill of Central Arizona is more than just a series of retail stores that sell used clothing and household goods, as it also operates an extensive employment program. Dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities or those who find it challenging to enter the workforce, the organization has helped thousands of people gain employment. In 2011 alone, Goodwill of Central Arizona found jobs for nearly 12,500 people and provided critical services to more than 35,000.

Led by a team of talented executives, the Goodwill of Central Arizona also relies upon its board of directors. The organization’s board includes a diverse set of professionals, volunteers, and community leaders who offer guidance and counsel to the non-profit.

About the Author: A member of the Goodwill of Central Arizona’s board, Steve Kedzior also devotes his time to several other humanitarian endeavors. Mr. Kedzior currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Paradigm Technology, an information technology firm headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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