A Few Benefits of Cloud Computing by Steve Kedzior

Steve Kedzior is familiar with a variety of technology practices that can provide a myriad of benefits to companies that employ them. One such service is cloud computing, utilizing remote machines to host data and run numerous programs.

A cloud computing system can implement virtually any program that a normal computer could run and can store immense amounts of data for a company without them needing to purchase the necessary hardware. This decreases the amount of money that companies must invest in hardware because they would only need to purchase the minimal computer system required to connect to the cloud system. Secondly, because cloud computing allows companies to access machines remotely, they do not need to have the physical space to house large servers on site. Thirdly, the power of cloud computing allows the company to access their data whenever and wherever they are, as long as they can connect to the Internet. Data is not localized to one computer, one hard drive, or the company’s network. Lastly, just as data would be accessible to everyone who could access the cloud, software could be shared by all employees of a company as well. This means that companies would not need to purchase software licenses for each individual computer.

About the author: Steve Kedzior has accumulated over 25 years of experience in leadership in the field of technology. He employs these skills as the Senior Vice President of Paradigm Technology, a technology and solutions provider that is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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