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Goodwill of Central Arizona By Steve Kedzior

Goodwill is an international non-profit organization with a network of thrift stores across North America that garners funds for charitable endeavors. The proceeds from thrift store sales are used to provide job training, job placement, and community-oriented programs to people who face employment challenges. Since 1947, Goodwill of Central Arizona has been one of the largest non-profits in the state, managing many Goodwill stores in the Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson, and Yuma business regions.

One example of Goodwill job training is its Computer and Customer Service Training (CCST) program, which trains people in call-center operations, the Microsoft Office software suite, Internet basics, and general customer service management. In 2011, Goodwill Career Centers in Arizona helped 12,481 people find employment and helped over 35,000 Arizonans with other Goodwill services.

Steve Kedzior is a Senior Vice President of IT product sales and service at Paradigm Technology in Scottsdale, Arizona, and he is a board member at Goodwill of Central Arizona. Offering over 25 years of expertise in the information technology (IT) industry, Steve Kedzior is a valuable contributor to Goodwill’s job training and placement programs in Arizona.

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How SaaS Has Transformed Business By Steven Kedzior

One of the most visible ways in which the introduction and widespread adoption of cloud computing has changed the business world is in the use of Software as a Service, or SaaS. Rather than purchasing software and uploading it to computers via CD, businesses pay for a subscription to cloud-based software and access it through any Internet connection. SaaS offers many benefits, including:

– Instantaneous updates made directly by the provider and enjoyed instantly by users.
– Secure storage that uses encryption. This eliminates the need for regular in-house backups.
– Customizable service packages that allow users to select only the services they want, and pay accordingly.
– Elimination of paper forms.

All of these aspects of SaaS mean that users can save money and act more nimbly, which in turn allows them to improve the experience they deliver to their customers and clients. In recent years, the number of businesses using SaaS has grown significantly and is expected to continue growing in the future.

About Steven Kedzior

During his tenure as Senior Vice President of Insight Enterprises, Inc., Steven Kedzior oversaw the creation of the firm’s data center, lifecycle, and SaaS offerings. Today, Mr. Kedzior serves as Senior Vice President with Paradigm Technologies, where he monitors the vending and implementation of a range of IT services and products.

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