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Goodwill of Central Arizona By Steve Kedzior

Goodwill is an international non-profit organization with a network of thrift stores across North America that garners funds for charitable endeavors. The proceeds from thrift store sales are used to provide job training, job placement, and community-oriented programs to people who face employment challenges. Since 1947, Goodwill of Central Arizona has been one of the largest non-profits in the state, managing many Goodwill stores in the Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson, and Yuma business regions.

One example of Goodwill job training is its Computer and Customer Service Training (CCST) program, which trains people in call-center operations, the Microsoft Office software suite, Internet basics, and general customer service management. In 2011, Goodwill Career Centers in Arizona helped 12,481 people find employment and helped over 35,000 Arizonans with other Goodwill services.

Steve Kedzior is a Senior Vice President of IT product sales and service at Paradigm Technology in Scottsdale, Arizona, and he is a board member at Goodwill of Central Arizona. Offering over 25 years of expertise in the information technology (IT) industry, Steve Kedzior is a valuable contributor to Goodwill’s job training and placement programs in Arizona.

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How SaaS Has Transformed Business By Steven Kedzior

One of the most visible ways in which the introduction and widespread adoption of cloud computing has changed the business world is in the use of Software as a Service, or SaaS. Rather than purchasing software and uploading it to computers via CD, businesses pay for a subscription to cloud-based software and access it through any Internet connection. SaaS offers many benefits, including:

– Instantaneous updates made directly by the provider and enjoyed instantly by users.
– Secure storage that uses encryption. This eliminates the need for regular in-house backups.
– Customizable service packages that allow users to select only the services they want, and pay accordingly.
– Elimination of paper forms.

All of these aspects of SaaS mean that users can save money and act more nimbly, which in turn allows them to improve the experience they deliver to their customers and clients. In recent years, the number of businesses using SaaS has grown significantly and is expected to continue growing in the future.

About Steven Kedzior

During his tenure as Senior Vice President of Insight Enterprises, Inc., Steven Kedzior oversaw the creation of the firm’s data center, lifecycle, and SaaS offerings. Today, Mr. Kedzior serves as Senior Vice President with Paradigm Technologies, where he monitors the vending and implementation of a range of IT services and products.

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A Few Benefits of Cloud Computing by Steve Kedzior

Steve Kedzior is familiar with a variety of technology practices that can provide a myriad of benefits to companies that employ them. One such service is cloud computing, utilizing remote machines to host data and run numerous programs.

A cloud computing system can implement virtually any program that a normal computer could run and can store immense amounts of data for a company without them needing to purchase the necessary hardware. This decreases the amount of money that companies must invest in hardware because they would only need to purchase the minimal computer system required to connect to the cloud system. Secondly, because cloud computing allows companies to access machines remotely, they do not need to have the physical space to house large servers on site. Thirdly, the power of cloud computing allows the company to access their data whenever and wherever they are, as long as they can connect to the Internet. Data is not localized to one computer, one hard drive, or the company’s network. Lastly, just as data would be accessible to everyone who could access the cloud, software could be shared by all employees of a company as well. This means that companies would not need to purchase software licenses for each individual computer.

About the author: Steve Kedzior has accumulated over 25 years of experience in leadership in the field of technology. He employs these skills as the Senior Vice President of Paradigm Technology, a technology and solutions provider that is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Four Best Practices for Excellent Customer Service

Steve Kedzior is Senior Vice President at Paradigm Technologies. Kedzior has over 25 years of experience developing and integrating excellent customer service practices in the IT field.

1. Be Nice.

Be respectful, polite, and patient. Try to see the other person’s side of things. Sound familiar? Everything you need to know about customer service, you learned in kindergarten. The basic rules of customer service are simply the basic rules for interacting with people. Do right by your customers and they will do right by you.

2. Be Proactive.

Customer service has always been a vital part of business, but in the days of Yelp and Twitter, how you treat your customers matters more than ever. Consumers are a click away from sharing a negative – or positive – experience with the entire world. If you anticipate situations that will be difficult or taxing for customers, communicate clearly about the potential issues and solutions. Try to head off potentially negative situations ahead of time, rather than being forced to do damage control later.

3. Be Quick.

Customers who have extremely favorable experiences are likely to promote your company to two or three people, but those who have an extremely negative experience may share the story with ten people or more. The good news? Great customer service can turn a detractor into a promoter. 80 percent of disgruntled customers will change their minds if you respond to their concerns quickly. Impress detractors with your quick response, courteous listening, and commitment to rectifying the situation. Don’t miss your opportunity to turn a negative impression into a positive one.

4. Be Forward-Thinking

Great customer service starts with employees. It’s important that all of your employees know and recognize how valuable customer relationships are to your success. Build frameworks that encourage excellent customer service, whether that means maintaining a consistently staffed web help button, giving front-line employees the authority to fix a customer’s problem, or mandating that customer inquiries are answered within a specific time period.

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A Brief Introduction to the Goodwill of Central Arizona By Steve Kedzior

As one of Arizona’s largest non-profit organizations, the Goodwill of Central Arizona began serving those in need in 1947. The Goodwill of Central Arizona is more than just a series of retail stores that sell used clothing and household goods, as it also operates an extensive employment program. Dedicated to assisting individuals with disabilities or those who find it challenging to enter the workforce, the organization has helped thousands of people gain employment. In 2011 alone, Goodwill of Central Arizona found jobs for nearly 12,500 people and provided critical services to more than 35,000.

Led by a team of talented executives, the Goodwill of Central Arizona also relies upon its board of directors. The organization’s board includes a diverse set of professionals, volunteers, and community leaders who offer guidance and counsel to the non-profit.

About the Author: A member of the Goodwill of Central Arizona’s board, Steve Kedzior also devotes his time to several other humanitarian endeavors. Mr. Kedzior currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Paradigm Technology, an information technology firm headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Cloud Computing Growing in Popularity Among Executives, By Steve Kedzior

By any measure, cloud computing has moved with extraordinary rapidity from a concept to real-world practice. New companies continue to discover the immense benefits of cloud computing, and it seems they like what they see.

In a survey just released by Navint Partners, chief information officers and other executives from companies exceeding 5,000 employees were by and large satisfied with their organizations’ transitions to cloud computing. A large majority said that they had achieved savings, increased efficiency, and gained a new competitive advantage.

Although it will take a number of years before the full power of cloud computing is unleashed for public and private use, the survey’s respondents predict rapid future growth. This finding corroborates other reports which suggest that at least three more years will be needed for full development. Two major areas that require further development, as reported in the survey, are privacy and data security. But as these issues are tackled, even further growth in the technology is expected.

About the Author:

Steve Kedzior is Senior Vice President of Paradigm Technology, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mr. Kedzior has worked in the information technology sector for more than 25 years.

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Successful IT Sourcing By Steve Kedzior

Paradigm Technology strives to provide services that are appropriate to a client’s needs and scale. The company’s recruiting staff has, on average, a decade of experience in the industry. Based on particular considerations and needs, a solution is crafted with long-term success rate in mind. Consultants’ areas of specialization include certified project management, database administration, packaged applications, business analysis, network engineering, and more. The company offers programs in technical education, oversight of outsourced work, and solutions for client workforce management. Paradigm’s consulting services are available nationwide, on both full-time and per-project bases.

Paradigm treats its consultants as a valued resource, providing benefits and paid holidays as well as training to improve performance. These practices are unusual in the IT consulting industry. The company’s commitment to clients and employees is intended to foster enduring positive bonds.

Senior Vice President Steve Kedzior heads the Systems Integration Division of Paradigm Technology.

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Steve Kedzior’s community service and leadership

During his 25 years in the information-technology field, Steve Kedzior has been a senior executive at firms ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Steve Kedzior also gives back to his community. He is on the board of Goodwill of Central Arizona, which helps job-seekers gain skills. Kedzior is also very involved in community services with his church Cornerstone Chandler. Steve and his children often participate in the many church missions to serve homeless, elderly, and others in need within the Chandler community as well as across the border in Mexico.

Kedzior’s executive leadership prepared him to be president of Citrus Civitan, a service organization established by business leaders. Its guiding principles are knowledge, friendship, and service.

Steve Kedzior is not only generous with his time and talent; he also offers financial support to a non-profit group that cares for children with special needs or other disadvantages.

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Steve Kedzior Discusses Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

Since its inception in 1902, Goodwill Industries International has helped millions of people and bolstered numerous communities. Today, over 160 branches across North America make up Goodwill Industries International. These chapters provide individuals with a number of services that improve their self-confidence and hiring potential. Men and women can turn to the organization for education, job training, and employment placement. In 2011, Goodwill Industries International aided more than 189,000 people in finding work and trained millions of individuals for information technology, healthcare, banking, and other sectors. Moreover, Goodwill assists individuals with various barriers to employment and gives them a “hand up, not a hand out.” Goodwill Industries International outlets also serve as retail stores offering clothing and household items at low prices.


posted at goodwill.org
To learn more about Goodwill Industries International and to learn how to donate to the group, visit www.goodwill.org.

About the Author:

With over 25 years of experience in the realm of information technology, Steve Kedzior currently acts as the Vice President and General Manager of Services at Avnet Technology Solutions. In his spare time, Kedzior sits on the Board of Goodwill of Central Arizona.

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